Global Neighbours Projects – Haiti

Haiti – Building on Success for a Healthier Simon-Pele  

Haiti has the lowest rates of access to improved water and sanitation infrastructure in the western hemisphere.

Habitat for Humanity Canada supports Habitat for Humanity Haiti’s WASH program in Simon-Pele, a low-income neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince. 

Through this project, hundreds of children now have access to water fountains, gender-sensitive latrines and hand washing facilities in seven neighbourhood schools, helping to prevent infection and the spread of disease within this vulnerable community.

Update on deliverables: In 2020 alone

Global Neighbours projects help people build better, healthier lives through holistic community development projects managed in partnership with local Habitats around the world that build and repair homes, assist in disaster recovery, as well as offer skills training and financial education. We work to empower vulnerable populations, including women, youth, and people living with disabilities with the tools they need to improve their own lives – that includes providing people with education in areas such as financial literacy, basic construction and home maintenance, and land access or ownership rights.