Global Neighbours Projects – Malawi

Malawi – Enhancing Resilience of Flood-Prone Communities in Chikwawa District

Many communities in Malawi are prone to flooding. In March 2019, 15 districts of Malawi, including Chikwawa, were affected by floods and storms caused by Cyclones Desmond and Idai, causing significant damage to homes and leaving 86,976 people displaced.

This project focuses on strengthening building practices and using materials that support disaster resilient construction methods, while enhancing disaster response initiatives to help families transition from temporary shelters to permanent homes. 

Update on deliverables: In 2020 alone

Global Neighbours projects help people build better, healthier lives through holistic community development projects managed in partnership with local Habitats around the world that build and repair homes, assist in disaster recovery, as well as offer skills training and financial education. We work to empower vulnerable populations, including women, youth, and people living with disabilities with the tools they need to improve their own lives – that includes providing people with education in areas such as financial literacy, basic construction and home maintenance, and land access or ownership rights.