For David and Myriam, it’s always been about their children, Santhiago and Thathiana.

Before their first child Santhiago was born, they started a family business in Colombia with the goal of spending more time with their children and having a better income.  

Unfortunately, because of the economic climate in Colombia, the business did not work out, and instead David and Myriam lost everything: their car, their savings, their work and most importantly, their first family home. They moved in with Myriam’s parents.  

When their second business failed, David and Myriam began looking for a better future for their children abroad. Myriam moved to Canada and lived alone for five years to obtain her permanent residency for her family, while David and the children stayed behind. Then, once reunited in Canada, the family lived in the basement of Myriam’s sister’s home for four years.

Ever hopeful and resilient, David and Myriam applied to partner with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta. If accepted they would be required to volunteer 500 hours of their time and pay an affordable mortgage for the fair market value of their home. 

Upon receiving the news that they had been selected to partner with Habitat to buy a home, David and Myriam were ecstatic. 

David and Myriam moved into their Silver Springs home in February 2020. Two weeks later The City of Calgary declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 and shut down. March and April would have looked very different if it had not been for this home. Unlike many who may have felt cooped up or restless, for this family, staying at home was a gift.

All these hope-filled years made the purchase of their Habitat home in Silver Springs a long-awaited dream come true. After 18 years of living with family, David and Myriam now have a home with just their children.

David, Myriam, Santhiago and Thathiana are eager to pay it forward. In addition to the 500 volunteer hours they completed as part of their partnership with Habitat, the family has volunteered an extra 22 hours. They are ready to give more hours and one day contribute financially to help other future homeowners move into a life of stability, security and independence.

“At this point in our lives, we can say that we are the happiest family in the world,” says David.